Born:  Seattle, USA
Languages:  English, Swedish

Contact Details
Phone:  +358 45 142 2881
Trey Howard
Wilderness Guide, Swedish-English translator, proofreader
Trey was born in Seattle, USA, and has worked with outdoor guiding and team building since 2005. After working as an outdoors jack of all trades for his university’s outdoor recreation program, he moved to Finland and became the first American to attend and graduate Kronoby Folkhögskola’s Outdoor Academy (2012-2014). He’s a devotee of the sauna, the cold, and anything that tastes like tar. Trey’s greatest passions are telemark skiing and hand tool woodworking, and he can often be found sizing up local trees.
Born:  Vaasa, Finland
Languages:  Swedish, English, Finnish

Contact Details
Phone:  +358 50 464 8293
Pernilla Howard
Translator, marketer, and course coordinator
Pernilla has a master’s degree from Åbo Akademi University, Turku (Finland), with a major in English language and literature. She has also studied pedagogy, business, and intercultural communication. Pernilla is a licensed English teacher. In 2010-2011 she studied communication and American literature at Central Washington University, USA. In addition to her work within Gulf Stream, Pernilla currently works as a project manager at Centria University of Applied Sciences.
Born:  Rovaniemi, Finland
Languages:  Swedish

Samoyed, mascot
Baloo was born just north of the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi in January 2017, and has become a greatly appreciated member of the Gulf Stream team. She has a big heart and is always ready for adventure. She’s proud over the fact that on a trip to Nordkapp with Trey she briefly became Europe’s Northernmost Dog. Baloo likes hugs, treats, and loves her feline siblings. She’s happy to come with on your next adventure with Gulf Stream Guiding!